Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 332, 365 Day Project

One of the things I encourage my students to do is to experiment with their cameras so that they can learn the capabilities and limitations in different situations. I have been doing the same thing lately with my iPhone and tonight I was able to test it using my studio lights as the source. Though there are some things the iPhone is not suited for it still preforms well a majority of the time. Using the modelling light on an AlienBee 1600 with a Hensel Beauty Dish I gave Greg some split lighting. The backdrop being used for this shot is by Madcamp Backgrounds. After shooting the image with the iPhone I then demonstrated to some of my students how I use Snapseed to post process. In this case I cropped the image then use the Dark 1 in the Drama filter before finishing up with a frame. I loved the way the filter added a strong feel and the way it interacted with the background.

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