Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 336, 365 Day Project

The last four days seem to have been a busy one leading up to today's Arts & Crafts fair at my boy's school. Between picking up prints, matting, teaching, delivering flyer's about the show and all, I have barely had 5 hours sleep each night. So today's image is a simple one, a record shot of my table with prints for sale. All but three were taken for this 365 Day Project and a large number were done with the iPhone. I was very pleased by the resulting prints and had many compliments on my work during the day. However, as is usually the case with photographs, sales were small but it has always been this way. Back in my Art College days when we had the Christmas show and sale the glass blowing, ceramics, print making departments always made big money. Photography was lucky if we broke $500 people would like the work but happily go on and but from the other departments. So it did not surprise me much that this happened today and Franky it doesn't bother me. Today was more about participating and helping the school and I had a booth just for the fun of it. Cool assisted me all day and had a great time. So now I can go to sleep happy and content because I am happy with the way my images looked.

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