Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 347, 365 Day Project

I was testing out a few new apps today to see what they are capable of. The first is one called "16 Mega Pixels" which is suppose to give you a larger file from your the camera in your phone. As the iPhone 4 is only 5 MP it does offer a nice possibility to make your files larger. The app seemed to work well here yielding a 43MB (4480 x 3360) file compared with the standard 14 MB ((2592 x 1936) file. There does appear to be some sharpness loss but since I had limited subject matter today more testing is required.

I then tested the Luminance app to see what it's filter set had to offer. There are 19 presets and a few are interesting to use and I choose the Dystopia on this image as it gave the look I wanted. I finished off using Real Camera+ to select the frame as again I wanted to see what was offered in different apps for alternative choices in borders. This particular one worked well with today's image.

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