Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 360, 365 Day Project

I was watering our plants in the basement which allowed me to notice that one of the Christmas Cactus's is in full bloom. I went to my office and picked up the Canon 7D and the 24-70 f2.8 lens and placed them on a tripod with a cable release. There was some beautiful natural back lighting happening and I wanted to isolate a single flower. The background, however, was distracting so I retrieved a piece of black matt board from the production room and slid it carefully behind the flower so as to not block any of the light. I then exposed it for 0.5 of a sec at f10 with the lens at 70mm (see original image immediately below).

When I started this project a year ago I would have been satisfied with the straight shot. However as I started to experiment I found there were certain things that I like and can enhance the image. This is one of the beautiful things about photography, it can be very subjective. I liked all three of the images posted here yet the top one that was brought back on to the iPhone and processed with Snapseed just had a little more pop in my opinion. This effect was done using the grunge tool where I moved the centre point and feathered it out then adjusted the saturation slightly.

The last image here was another version done with Snapseed and using the Drama 2 filter which gave a different look altogether. It is fun to see what one can create as it gives you more options when preparing images depending on who your audience might be.

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