Thursday, June 7, 2012

Demonstrating apps at SAIT

Tonight was the last night of the first offering of the History, Art and Culture class at SAIT.  I started to develop this course last fall and we were able to offer it this spring.  Tonight was all about photographic processes and I covered everything from Wet Plate to Apps for smart phones and tablets.  In order to do the last part I wandered around SAIT before class started and snapped a few images with my iPad.  This was due to the fact that I can hook the iPad up to the LCD projectors and show how the apps operate live.

The first two where post processed using Snapseed and the third one was done using Pictureshow.  Once I got home I uploaded the shot of the windows to Instagram as my Instagram 366 photo.
This one here was shared to Streamzoo.
This one was posted as my "tadaa Today" image.
I had also shot this image of the flower in my backyard earlier in the day.  I shared this one to Instagram.
I then converted it to Black & White in Snapseed and liked the result so I posted this one to Streamzoo.

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