Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo's from a busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend as We celebrated sons Cool and Luke's birthday's on Sunday.  I spent most of the weekend running errands to get ready for the family party we held at the Greenview-Thornecliffe bowling lanes.  here are a few photo's from the last few days.

I found the first image while I was at the check out counter at the Dollar Store.  They had a small display of these rocks with engraving on them.  I shot a quick iPhone photo and later processed it with Snapseed before uploading it as my Instagram 366 photo for June 16th.
One of the things that kept us busy was that Cool wanted to make his own birthday cake based on a design from Minecraft, one of his favourite web-sites. It took a lot of effort from him, Lysa and myself to create this colourful cake that is suppose to resemble a block of TNT.  It may not have worked out perfect but it tasted great.
I decided to make Cool my Instagram 366 image for June 17th after his birthday party and one of his favourite gifts.  This remote control helicopter will fly close to a kilometre in height and you can attach a small video camera on it as well to get aerial views.  Once we learn how to fly it I am sure he will have lot's of fun with it this summer.
Today I had to make a trip to the eye surgeon who has been keeping tack of my eyes for the last 5 years.  As a photographer one is always worried about our eyes and thus since I was diagnosed with some optic nerve problems we have been maintaining a watch to make sure nothing changes suddenly.  While sitting in the chair waiting I noticed the stack of lenses for testing sitting on the shelf.  I took a couple of images and used Snapseed to enhance it and used tilt and shift to change the depth of field. This is my Instagram 366 photo for today.   Fortunately there my eyes have stayed consistent and and we will keep checking them regularly.
The final image here is another test of the app HDR PhotoCamera.  As I was leaving SAIT tonight I noticed this wonderful light on the city and storm clouds in the sky.  The foreground was dark so I decided that I would see what this app could do.  The results are OK and one of the better ones that I have shot using the app.  I find a lot of the time this app creates an image that is to over done to really be useful.  Tonight though it seemed to give a more acceptable result.  I think the concept of this app is sound, however I think it still needs some work on it in order for it to give consistent results.

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