Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grass and Sky, Two Looks.

Today was the summer Solstice and I managed to get out and shoot a few frames in Nose Hill Park on my way home from SAIT.  As it is the longest day of the year this was shot close to 10:00 pm and I was fortunate to have some clouds in the sky to add to the drama.  I also wanted to have something in the foreground so I got down low and had the tall grass in the frame.  The only post processing was the crop and frame done in Snapseed.  This is today's Instagram 366 photo for today.
As I was posting the above image I realized that yesterday's Instagram 366 image was of similar subject matter, however done with a different look.  I was at Heritage Park and wanted to photograph the dramatic sky but needed another element to add to the shot.  I choose the tall grass and shot the image in B&W using the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone.  I did bring the photo into PhotoToaster to give the sepia tone effect as I felt it gave the feel I was looking for.
While at Heritage Park I also shot this photo of a flower again using Hipstamatic as I am liking this app for B&W photo's.  Tone was adjusted in Snapseed.

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