Sunday, September 8, 2013

A shared experience.

One of the most powerful things about photography is that it really makes the world around us a shared experience.  Early travel photographers found many outlets for their images as it was difficult for the masses to travel and thus photographs were the common person's way to experience the larger world.  In our times millions of images are created and shared, thus we have found that the world and it's experiences has shrunk. Now is this a blessing or a curse?  I guess it is how you want to look at things.  I personally choose to be on the positive side. I enjoy looking at photo's from my friends around the globe and in a way experiencing what they are.  In the same way I want to share my photo's so that other's may get to know me, who I am and the way I see life around me.  This is what keep's me shooting a photo a day.

September 6  I came up with this concept when I found one of my old loupes in a drawer.  I tried it on some typical items on my desk using it as a magnifying glass.  Looking at those results and rejecting them I decided to use it for what it was originally intended.  I pulled a set of negatives from my files, put them and the loupe on the light table and shoot the photo with my Canon 7D.  One of the results I had not anticipated was the glow of the blue plastic from the light below and I think that makes the image even stronger.
September 7.  Walking in the rain down in the Connaught district while waiting for my boy's at a choir activity.  I found these two shots and the grey sky's made for a scene that allowed a nice level for the ambient and artificial light.  Both were photographed with the iPhone.
September 8.  One of those rare foggy morning's here in Calgary that generally don't last to long.  I want to make an image in it but the family was getting ready to go to church so I only had the option in front of my house.  I chose to use these dead flowers in the foreground  to help add to the depth created by the fog.  It also gave a nice feeling that fall is soon to be here.

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