Monday, September 16, 2013

The importance of moving around your subject.

I was walking once again in the belt line and had seen this sign on previous visits.  Unfortunately it was always busy and there were people in the doorway.  Tonight it was closed by the time I walked by and I started to shoot it from different angles.  I actually started on the other side and slowly worked my way around.  When I cam to this side I found the reflection of the neon in the window was the image I was looking for.  I had to move around and try different points of view before I was able to get the positioning just right.  Even though I liked some of the other image I shot, this was by far the one I felt was most dynamic.
As I walked back to the church I found the concrete in front had been cut and I liked the way it looked.  Triangles are always strong elements of composition and I like the small splash of blue and the leaves in the cutting.

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