Sunday, September 15, 2013

More photo a day challenge images.

September 14.  The music store is a wonderful place to find interesting items to photograph.  While I waited for Cool and his guitar lessons I was looking at the various musical instruments and their accessories.  My eye caught this banjo hanging on the wall and I liked the way it looked from the back.  I framed it up and took this photo knowing I wanted to do a little post in Snapseed to get this look.
I then saw this battery powered mini-amp and focused the iPhone on it.  I used snapseed once again and the grunge filter to start.  I then went back to the tune image filter and adjusted the white balance to give me the feel I wanted.
September 15.  I noticed that our rose bush out front had produced another single bloom even though it is late in the season.  I clipped it off the bush and brought down to the studio where I laid it on an old window frame that I have.  I placed the frame and flower on a black piece of muslin and then lit the flower with one of my Alien Bee's with a 3 degree grid spot on it.  This produced a wonderful reflection on the glass but there was one problem, that being the flower was way brighter then the reflection.  Since I was using the Canon 7D and 24-70 lens I knew I had a chance to use some of my specialty tools, in this case a Lee graduated split neutral density filter.  I was able to slide it down the lens until I was able to achieve an exposure on the flower that allowed the reflection to pop more.  Shot at 100 ISO, 1/125 sec at f10.  Other then cleaning up a few spots in photoshop and adding the frame using snapseed this photo was done entirely in camera.

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