Sunday, May 18, 2014

A project within a project.

When taking on a challenge like a Photo a Day one starts out just trying not to miss a day in the process.  As one progresses and it reaches a point where taking an image is incorporate into our life sometimes we have to add a twist to keep it a challenge.  This is why I have chosen to take a self-portrait every Sunday this year.  There were a few reasons I have decided to do this.  One is to try and unleash some creativity. Two is to record and share how I see myself.  Finally it is to see if there would be the same interest of photographs of a middle age male as there are in the photo's by a number of attractive young ladies that are popular on the internet.
So here is image number 20 in the series.  Shot with my GoPro Hero3.  I used it to record a shot of me outside with my car which I just got back this week after having the transmission replaced.
Even though I may have a set agenda for every Sunday I still try to take other images as well.  Though there are days when I only take one photo I normally do a few which I try to share here on my blog.  I took this image at my brothers house this evening as we were visiting for my niece's birthday.  This flower was on the table in this small glass bottle on top of a pink table cloth.  The light coming from the window cast a blue tone on the table cloth which the iPhone accentuated. I felt this was a very funky look and enjoy the result.

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