Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back teaching once again.

It is so nice to be back teaching again.  Three night's a week at SAIT and Wednesday mornings at the Kerby Centre kept the past 5 days very busy. I don't mind as I have always enjoyed sharing with others and teaching photography has helped me grow both as a person and a photographer.  I am so fortunate to have this opportunity as it allows me to meet all levels of photographers and to guide them along in learning not only their equipment but also developing their eye and technique.  Although I did get out and shoot a number of images this past week. 
May 13.  I took a quick walk in Nose Hill Park and this view of the pathway and power lines with the prairie clouds rolling in caught my eye.  A quick iPhone capture and a little post in snapseed gave me this wonderful look.
May 14.  It was field trip day with my seniors from the Kerby Centre and we headed down to the Devonian Gardens.  I knew I wanted to take a photo of this fountain so I made sure I brought my tripod. Both images are shot with the 7D and the 24-70 f2.8 lens at 100 ISO.  The first is shot at f4 and 1/10 sec.
You can see a more smooth look in the water in this second shoot that was done at f22 and 4 seconds. It was fun to show them this technique and to help them learn their equipment.
Walking out of SAIT at 10:00 in the evening I was taken by how blue the sky was at this time of the evening.  We get longer days now here in Calgary so I was able to get this nice view of the skyline.
May 15.  The tulips are close to blooming and I like the sensual look they evoke when they are at this stage. There are in our front garden and I shot at f5.6 to have a shallower depth of field.
May 16.  An absolute gorgeous evening to go for a walk and I headed out on the pathways of Dalhousie with my camera.  I wanted to travel light so I only had my 24-70 with me.  When I first spotted this little guy his colour made me think that he had escaped from someone's home.  Then I saw a second and realized it was wild.  We don't see many colourful birds in the city and I was not sure what it was but after sharing it a number of my friends identified it as a Western Tananger.  Although I am fairly happy with the result as this is cropped in a fair amount off the original frame I would like to see if I can spot it again when I have my 70-200 with me.
I am not sure why one of our neighbours has this net hanging in this unique configuration but it caught my eye.  Getting down low I moved around until there were some clouds incorporated in to the background.
At the Dalhousie LRT station the curved lines and shadows created a great abstract.  After downloading it to my computer I used some grunge in snapseed to finish it.
A reflection in a puddle was an interesting subject.
May 17.  We are growing a large number of plants in doors as we wait for the weather to stabilize so we can transfer them to the garden.  Some of the sunflowers are a couple feet tall already and the buds of the flower are appearing.  I used my 24-70 with a 36mm extension tube to capture this macro shot showing the fine hairs on the plant.

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