Monday, May 19, 2014

Having an indoor garden.

With the fact that Calgary's growing season is so short my wife decided this year to start her plants inside.  We have a nice south facing bay window which is a perfect place for them to grow.  We have a lot of variety with peas, beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, sunflowers and marigolds amongst the mix.  Having them inside has afforded me a chance to take a number of photo's as they flower and progress in their growth.
One of the main things is that I must pay attention as the light comes through the window throughout the day.  Since it can give different looks as it comes in at different angles I always have to be prepared when it is just right.  This evening it was coming in and giving a wonderful backlight on one of the peapods.  I went down stairs to grab my camera and I also brought up a small piece of black matt board.  This was necessary as the background with the window framing behind would have been very distracting.  I carefully positioned the matt board behind making sure it would not block the sunlight and taped it in place.  Using the 24-70 I got in as close as the lens would focus to get the framing I wanted.  My shooting data for this photo is 400 ISO, f10 and 1/100 sec..  Other than a little burning in on the leaf on the left edge to take down the tone there was no other post involved.

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