Saturday, May 10, 2014

Continuing the catch up game.

 It's late but here I am catching up with the photo's from last month.  Tomorrow I will have everything current.

April 12.  From the top floor of the Senator Patrick Burns Building at SAIT.  We can see a lot of brown ground after a long winter (except for the field turf of the soccer pitch).
April 13.  White lily as Easter nears and more flowers from the Safeway flower department.
Sunday self-portrait series Number 15.  Wild hair semi-silhouette.
April 14.  Seafarer match sticks.  Shot with the iPhone and processed with snapseed choosing a blue tone to match the colour of the box.
There was this pitcher with palms in it from Palm Sunday mass.  There was a label on the front which I removed using photoshop.
April 15.  Last night of shooting for my Advanced Studio Lighting class.  We revisited High and Low Key.  The first shot is of  Casey who was one of my students.
Dani was one of our subjects and gave me two different looks.
I loved this low key image of Nicola.  It was subtle but tasteful, however one of the photo sharing sites I post to (Tuding, a Chinese version of Instagram) pulled it.  Go figure.
April 16.  More snow today, this hydrant looked interesting.
April 17.  Married Teddy bears.
April 18.  Holy Thursday.  Looking up at one of the crosses at St. Luke's Church.
Cool was alter serving the mass and here he was attending the cross.
Some  ore fresh snow stuck to the mesh of the basketball net.
April 19.  Brass number 5.  iPhone shot post processed with Jazz.
 April 20.  Easter Sunday and Luke's first communion.
 Sunday self-portrait series Number 16.
April 21.  Mask on the wall.
Christmas cactus blooming in spring.
 April 22.  Luke's first night at soccer
Metal pitcher, fake flowers.
April 23.  I saw this wonderful light pattern on the entrance and I had to move quickly.  I grabbed the figurines of Blu and Jewel from Rio 2 and placed them within the interesting light pattern.
A manhole cover downtown with a lone feather on it.
Nestor from my Basic Lighting class using gels on the background.
April 24.  Macro shot of a lily pistil and shadow.
April 25.  Blue Diamond perfume on a silver background.
April 26.  It's sounding like a broken record but there was more snow covering the new leaf buds.

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