Friday, May 9, 2014

Way behind, catching up.

I realized that I have not blogged in over a month.  No excuses, I'm just going to share the photo's and stories today and tomorrow to bring me up to date.
March 17.  Flower in Black and White.
March 18.  From my mixed lighting class at SAIT. Elena had a nice look in camouflage.
March 19.  Doing some house cleaning I found this old phone.
March 20.  Bird foot prints in the fresh snow.
March 21.  some photo's from outside the Foothills Medical Centre.
March 22.  Another spring snow fall blankets our newly growing tulips.
March 23.  Sunday self-portrait series No. 12, semi-silhouette reflection.
Luke relaxing on the kitchen island.
Cool alter serving at St. Luke's.
March 24.  Another blast of winter, this time freezing rain.  I found these scenes on the bushes beside our house  These fresh buds became encased in balls of ice..
The rain dripped down and formed a small icicle on the berry.
Shooting through the ice on the branches to create a soft effect (f5, 1/1250 sec at 100 ISO at 70mm) on the edges focusing on the leaf frozen in the down spout.
March 25.  Advanced lighting class at SAIT.  Dani painted with light.
March 26.  While demonstrating lighting patterns in my basic lighting class I took this iPhone shot of Rudy lit with monster lighting.
March 27.  Fighting a bad cold I took an iPhone shot of the one thing that gave relief.
March 28.  Lobster in a tank at Superstore.
With all the melting and freezing the icicles are getting long.

March 29.  Metal wall on the SAIT Parkade gave an interesting abstract of light and spheres.
March 30.  Sunday self-portrait series No. 13, In a reflective mood.
March 31.  A trip to the Leighton Art Centre with Luke's class yielded some fun results.  Here is a quick iPhone capture I made of a quick sketch I made.
The hoarfrost stuck to the icicles creating a unique winter sculpture.
A snowy landscape scene.
The red of these out-houses stands out against the winter whites.
April 1.  A walk along the river and over an old bridge gave some wonderful photo's.  Shot using the hipstamatic app on the iPhone.
Cool's confirmation night and some photo's with Bishop Henry.
April 2.  Some unique flowers while I was waiting in the dentist's office.
The lovely Breanna came in for my basic lighting class and the High Key session.
April 3.  Exterior of the Cineplex Odeon Theatre at Chinook mall.  SHot with the iPhone and processed with snapseed.
April 4.  Clock and reflection.
April 5.  Clare and Ron came in for my wedding photography class for an engagement session.
Using shallow depth of field, focusing on the wine glass and their reflection in the bottom of the glass.
Looking up at the happy couple using the lines in the rails to frame them.
April 6.  Sunday self-portrait series No. 14. A scratched cornea left my doing my best Nick Fury impersonation.
April 7.  This old light fixture caught my attention in a heritage church.
April 8.  A little glamour lighting with my advanced studio class.  The lovely Breanna returns.
Marina was also at the class and her lovely hat worked with  my funky background.
April 9.  Connor was the subject for our Basic Lighting class and Low Key lighting.  A very dramatic look.
April 10.  My son's at science night at their school and some of the projects they did.
April 11.  A suit of armour statuette.

Tomorrow I will bring my gallery up to date.

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