Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13, 365 day project

Today I did thought I would do some self-portraits with a little more dramatic lighting. Half way through my shooting, Luke came down stairs to the studio and wanted to sit in my lap. The above shot, today's entry to the project, was one of the results and my favorite of the two of us.

The technical on this image is one Balcar with an extra small Chimera soft box to the right and slightly behind. Another Balcar with a small Chimera strip soft box is to the back feathered across to light the background and give some separation. In order to do the self-portrait I am using the OnOne Remote DSLR app on my iPod touch and tethered in to my laptop running the OnOne server program. Used the live view function to position myself, but discovered it would not trigger the strobes in live view so had to switch it off. Once again with the Canon 40D, 24 - 70 f2.8 @ f14, 1/125 sec, 100 ISO at 65mm.

Below are two more images from the session. Another with Luke and then a profile of myself that I really liked. I did some minor retouching as I discovered I am getting some strands of grey and they looked really out of place and were distracting against the darker hair.

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