Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 80, 365 Day Project

Well spring has been a long time coming and last night we had more snow come down once again. This morning I had to go out and shovel the 4 inches or so off the driveway. As I did I noticed this one plant sticking up from our flower bed and the pattern on the rock behind. I decided this would make a nice shot for today and went to get my camera. The above image was made with the Canon 7D, 24-70 f2.8 @ f8, 1/100 sec, 200 ISO, focal length of 30mm and white balance on overcast. I was laying down in the snow with the camera just a few inches of the ground to capture this photograph.

Below are two images I quickly took with the camera in my iPod touch. Note the difference in colour between the two. I then processed the bottom image with the "pictureShow" app and the dark cinema setting and pinhole effect with black border.

All three have a certain uniqueness to them that I like and thus I choose to show all three.

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