Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 85, 365 Day Project.

When I took up this challenge I knew it would be hard, but one of the things I did not anticipate was what would happen if I fell sick and could not physically create my image that day. It almost happened yesterday as I was not feeling well for most of the day. Any way, after I got my boy's off to bed and rested for a while I realized I was running out of time. I went to the kitchen and took our jar of straws, put them on some purple material that my wife has and shot a quick image with my iPod touch. I then used the Instagram app to process it and post it to my Facebook and Twitter pages so I can keep the streak alive. It was not till this afternoon (Monday) that I felt well enough to come online and post to the blog. Will be posting today's shot after tonight's lighting class.

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