Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 81, 365 Day Project

Time for a little Rorschach test. What do you see as you look into the flames? I see a Bull's Face, a Dove and outstretched arms.
I created today's image using the camera on my iPod touch and using the mirror portion of the Pictureshow app. I found the subject at the new McCaig tower at the Foothills Medical Centre here in Calgary. My boy's and I had gone over to an open house for the new ICU that Lysa will be working in after the move over in April. The building is spectacular and the facilities are top notch. There is also a more friendly and open environment there and this was taking in the waiting area near the admitting desk. Besides lots of comfortable seating there is an extra long dual sided fireplace. I did a few shots of the flames which looked neat on their own, but when I brought it in to the app and saw this, I knew I had my image.
Hope you enjoy and we will send you the results of your psych test after we hear your interpretation.

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  1. Totally cool! First thing I thought was it looks like a girl praying...