Monday, July 14, 2014

Best not to settle.

Today I was working outside this morning and found a number of flowers to photograph.  I shot this image of a Red Sunflower as well as the ones after the series of the Sunflower.  I posted those images to my Instagram feed, however, I held off on this one as I was not entirely satisfied.  It was to contrasty and the background to bright.

It clouded over in the afternoon and I thought I would go and try again.  I took this one and was not entirely happy with the result.  The contrast was a bit better but the flower still to dark for my liking.
I thought about it a little more and decided to do something I don't usually like to do and that is to add a little fill flash.  I adjusted my exposure until the background darkened to a point that I found acceptable.  I then share this one to instagram later in the day. Sometimes it is good not to settle and revisit a subject and try again.

This red rose against the brick gave me an interesting composition as a long narrow image.
A wild onion that my wife was growing in the front garden worked well in this macro shot before she chopped it off and used it in her morning omelet.
These shadows of some of the flowers cast on the rock by the early morning sun was fun to photograph.
Now it's time to once again play proud Papa as my son Cool had a brief appearance on YTV's "The Next Star" premiere broadcast for the season.  Although he did not make it in to sing for the judges he was front and centre for moment on TV and also on the front page of their website in the background behind the hosts hand he ran down the line.  It is fun when your kids get these experiences.

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