Sunday, July 27, 2014

Only need a few shots.

I have always felt that it is best to take fewer shots.  By this I mean that once you get the image move on to the next, no need to shoot multiple frames.  I guess this extends back to my days of film when every frame cost me money.  Now in the age of digital to many photographers feel the need for FPS and the rapid fire idea.  Now there are situations where this might be necessary, but to me that is mainly at times when the subject is moving at rapid speeds.  For most other types of photo's I think patience, waiting for the right light/moment press the shutter and move on is the best approach.  For me the example of the previous 4 days of photo's illustrates my point.
July 24  I was having a down day so I decided to take a long 10km walk along Nose Hill here in Calgary.  I just needed to do some thinking and only had my iPhone with me.  It was a blustery day and I probably walked past many photographic opportunities as I was not in tune with the surroundings.  Near the end of my time on the hill I sat down on a rock to catch my breath.  I looked down and saw these wild roses in front of me. Using my body to shadow them from the harsh sun I took one shot with my iPhone and came away with a capture I enjoy.
July 25  A busy day and as the evening was coming to an end I realized I had not taken my photo for the day.  It was then I noticed the lamp that I had picked up years ago sitting there glowing in the corner of the room.  Again with the trusty iPhone and I had my photo.  The streak was still intact.
July 26  A very good day for photography.  I had not visited the mountains for a long time and an old high school friend's son's wedding brought me out to them.  I was honoured to be asked to photograph his wedding as the family ties go way back.  While waiting outside the church I noticed this flower with one petal that was pink amongst the orange of the rest of them.  Using my iPhone I was able to reach over the mesh fence (to guard against the wildlife) and make this capture.
After the wedding I went in to the Banff town site and went for a walk down the main strip.  I saw this store that I had never seen before and of course the name attracted my attention.  If you have been reading my blog you know that my oldest son's name is Cool and so I had to record an image.
Of course some of you are wondering where the wedding photo's are.  Here are a few of Jean Luc and Kendall that I took the first is near Johnson Lake and I was laying on the ground to show the daisy's and the mountains behind the lovely couple.
At Vermillion Lakes I went one step further, taking my shoes and socks off and rolling up my pant legs to get in the water to take the photo's in this series.

This last one was taken with the iPhone and the Hipstamatic app.
July 27  I found my boys little megaphone sitting on the kitchen table and suddenly had an idea for the 30th image in my Sunday Self-portrait series.  I took it down to the studio, set up my Alien Bee with a small Chimera softbox and a 40 degree eggcrate as the light source.  I set the 7D on a tripod and knowing I wanted a little movement set the shutter for 2 seconds and the f Stop at 8.  The first shot I was able to determine how fast to move my hand to get the movement I wanted.  This is the second frame.  With the third I realized I could try over and over and would not be able to improve on the second.  So I stopped there.  This is the way it was out of the camera with only a tiny amount of adjustment for the light on my arm and then the frame added with OnOne's Perfect Photo 7.

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