Saturday, July 12, 2014

Too extremes.

One of the nice things about shooting for the sheer joy of it one get's to try a variety of  subjects.  There are day's though when I shoot just a single image and other's when I shoot a number of different items.  These last two days show these extremes.
June 11.  It was one of those day's where things were to busy and I did not think about the day's image until close to the end.  I was having a few almonds as a late snack when I figured they might make for an interesting image.  I took a small handful and put them on a mirror and trained my Canon 7D on them.  I went with a shallow depth of field and liked the way it turned out.
June 12.  Today's extreme's were numerous.  First I used both the iPhone and the DSLR. Second I shot from mid-morning to late evening. Third I went from extreme post processing and then to exactly what the camera captured. Finally I went from extreme close up to extreme distance.  The following are the day's results.

One reason I was so busy yesterday is I was building a new garden in the backyard.  I had to move close to 2 cubic yards of soil to fill the area and needless to say I was tired.  Today my wife replanted her plants and while I was watering it I saw this rainbow in the mist of the sprinkler.  I took a quick iPhone capture of the scene and used snapseed to do the post on the image.
We then headed out to Home Depot where my wife picked up a few new plants to add to the yard.  In the early evening sunset I captured these two shots of some of the flowers in the front garden.  On this first shot I used live view as I could not look through the 24-70mm lens directly due to having the sun coming directly in to it.  I have never used this feature before but found this situation ideally suited to it.  This was shot at 200 ISO at f10 and 1/2500 sec. with the camera on a tripod.  No post processing was needed other then the frame on this image.
I then trained my 7D on this Lavender flower that my wife picked up to day.  Using a 20mm extension tube on the 24-70 I got in close to the flower again using the tripod for stability.  The settings were 1/200 sec at f8.0 and 200 ISO.  I carefully positioned the closest bloom to have the bright highlights around it and the second flower out of focus in the background.  I did a tiny bit of post by adding a slight vignette around the edges and the frame in OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite 7.
The night ended with me waiting until around 10:15 till the super moon appeared in the sky.  I walked across the street to the field as I wanted the slight shadows of the tree's to be part of the image.  I cropped very little of this frame, mostly off the top and bottom and did no other processing other then the frame.  The color of the moon is exactly as the naked eye saw it as the sun had just set so the warm light was reflected off of it's surface.
Thus my day of extreme ends.  I hope you enjoyed my musing's.

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