Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Working with what is around you.

As this is my quiet time of year I find that most of my time is spent within a 5 km radius of my home.  Usually I will go for a walk and take my camera with me in search of something to photograph.  This past week's images are a sample of this.
July 18.  I found these flowers along the sidewalks of Dalhousie.  The first here is the bloom of a milk weed and I framed it tight and to the right to give it some interest.
I found these purple bell flowers a short distance away and got down low to shoot up at them using a shallow depth of field to throw the fence behind out of focus.
Finally I found this potted plant in the driveway of one of the neighbours.  I liked the blue spiky leaves but did not like the background.  After downloading from my 7D I brought the photo into my iPhone where I used the app "Smoosh" to manipulate the background till I achieved something I enjoyed.
July 19.  More flowers from our garden.  These little yellow Coreopsis flowers made for a nice subject and I wanted to fill the frame with one while letting some of the others go out of focus in the background to add some depth.
I then  trained the camera on the backside of the orange sunflower in the front garden as I liked the texture and form of the green backing against the warm, smooth petals.
July 20  Our rabbit friend has returned after disappearing for a while.  It seems to have stopped chewing up the garden in favour of the clover we have in the lawn.  Although these are shot at 400mm (70-200 with a 2x convertor) he has actually proven to be very tame and is letting us get very close to him now.
My Sunday self-portrait series No. 29.  Though it is the day before my birthday I wanted to capture this image shot by the light of the candles for today's image.
July 21.  Things some times just present themselves to you. the late afternoon sun and a cup sitting on the counter collaborated for these wonderful light and shadow patterns.  A quick shot with the iPhone and a little post in Snapseed to finish the photo.
July 22.  Another found situation.  Walking around Crowfoot Crossing as Cool took his guitar lessons I saw this shadow lying in front of me.  A quick snap with the iPhone and some processing again with Snapseed achieved the desired results.
I then found this sitting in the parking lot, Batman's new ride.  The car was red so I turned it to Black and White and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make the new batmobile.
July 23.  A longer walk today, down through Varsity and over to Market Mall.  I found this poppy flower and bud in one of the gardens along the way.
I later found these two flowers in another front garden and was drawn to them by their strong colour.  I especially liked the way the yellow in each flower worked in compliments of the purple or red of their respective bloom.
As soon as I saw these leaves I knew they would make for a great conversion to Black and White.  I loved the swirls in the shape of the leaves and find the tonal range works nicely here.
Finally I came across some construction in the neighbourhood and liked the look of these industrial pieces.  The yellow tie down straps caught my eye and after I down loaded the photo's to my computer where I again brought the image back on to the iPhone.  I knew Snapseed would give me this look which made the yellow straps pop against the brown of the truck.
This auger on the back of another vehicle with the repeating lines called for me to take it's photo.  I framed it corner to corner and also used Snapseed on the iPhone for the post work here.

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