Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes one has to move fast.

One of the realities of photography is that light and situations can change rapidly.  Sometime one has only a few seconds to react.  These past two days presented two different challenges, yet in both cases I managed to capture an image I liked.
July 15.  As I was walking with Luke I noticed the sun setting behind some tall decorative grass.  I quickly got down to a low angle with my iPhone and positioned it to get maximum silhouette of the grass.  No post processing other than cropping and framing.
July 16.  The weather has been extremely hot the last few days and we have a south facing yard that gets maximum sun.  To keep our plants healthy I try to give them an afternoon watering.  While doing so I noticed I had a small visitor.  This dragonfly was hovering around the garden and would land on different plants after I watered them.  I quickly ran inside and grabbed my Canon 7D.  Knowing it would not let me get to close to it I decided to use my 70-200 with a 12mm extension tube to get some additional magnification.  I returned outside and started to water the plants again and it returned.  I was able to make about 20 exposures before it flew off, the three below are my favourites.

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