Thursday, July 10, 2014

Late or early, anytime is a good time.

It can be so easy to miss a day when you are attempting to create on photo every day for as long as you can.  Life can be busy with work and family and sometimes the motivation is not always there.  I think these are pitfalls everyone encounters especially when one want's to make their images creative.  With my up-date yesterday you may have noticed a few more photo's  of  my boy's and this may have seemed a cop out, but they are a big part of my life and even when I photograph them I try to make the best possible photo under what ever the circumstance.
Since I spent a good part of the day uploading the images it was fairly late that I took the photo for yesterday, July 9th.  The image bellow was taken at about 10:00 pm after I was cleaning up some of my tools.  I was looking at this screwdriver with a Robertson head and thought I could do something interesting with it.  I took one of my small mirrors and put it on the floor of the studio and put the screwdriver on top with the handle propped up.  I set my Canon &d up on the tripod as I was using just the available light from the overhead lamp and set the ISO at 400, f9 and 0.8 sec shutter speed. I used the 70-200 at 200mm in order to control the angle so I could get the right background reflected in the mirror.  I added a white fill card to the side to add some edge light back along the screwdriver.  After taking the photo I used OnOne's Perfect Photo SUite 7 to convert to B&W and add the frame.
This morning, July 10th, I was up early and decided to take a short walk around the pathways in  our nieighbourhood to capture some scenes in the early light.  I found this gate and liked how the branches of a near by busk cast a shadow and the X on the edge of the fence and the hardware of the gate added to the composition.
Using my macro tubes I was able to get in close on this flower and show both the shadows and texture of what I called it's tentacles.  Shot with the 7D, 24-70 2.8 at 70mm and a 20mm extension tube, ISO 400, 1/125 sec and f9.
I found this rose bud on a bush by the local school.  It was kind of hidden in side the very full bush but using the 24-70 at 70mm at 1/125 at f5 with an ISO of 1250 to compensate for the shadow of the school and the slight breeze that was blowing.
While at this bush there was a lot of early morning activities by the bees.  I shot about 20 frames as even though it was cooler this am, they were still moving pretty quickly.  ISO here was 1600, 1/250 sec at f7.1 with the 20mm extension tube still on my 24-70.  I tried some faster speeds and no tube to see if I could get them in flight but this was a challenge and not as successful.
I added a couple of late additions to this blog post.  These were shot this evening as I went out to water the plants.  I decided these little flowers might make for an interesting macro shot.
As well as this tiny white moth I found on one of our bushes.  Both shot with the 24-70 and a 20mm extension tube for the macro.

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