Monday, December 31, 2012

366 Day project is a wrap.

As I wrap up my last log post for 2012, I find myself in India with my family.  With a new location many photographic opportunities should present themselves.  While traveling here we made our way to Heidelberg, Germany.  I managed a few photo's there, but as always when one travels with family your attention has to be on them as well.  Below are the photo's to end the year.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and view my photographs.

December 25  Calgary International Airport.  The deicing machine sprays the wings of our plane.
December 26  Heidelberg, Germany at the home of my wife's Cousin Biju.  I noticed this bowl of oranges on the counter and take an image.  A little post in Snapseed for the Photo of the Day.
December 27  We go in to Old Town Heidelberg and walk around.  Though it is rainy and overcast we have a great time touring the Castle and Cathedral.  I took this photo of the candles on a unique stand and again used Snapseed to create the final result.
The next two photo's were taken from the Schloss Heidelberg looking at some views over the city.  Both were taken with the iPhone but minimal post was done in Snapseed.

These two photo's were taken using the Canon 7D and the 24-70 mm lens at 6400 ISO, 1/25 sec and f3.2 handheld.  The sky came out a wonderful colour in the first and I used the arch for the Christmas market to frame the castle in the second.

December 28 In Biju's home they have these tins on the shelf and I used them as the subject for the Photo of the Day.
I also had the unique opportunity to attend the showing of an exhibition entitled "The Birth of Photography" at the Reiss-Englehorn-Museen.  Here they had the original photo that started photography by Joseph Niepce in 1826.  Seeing the original of this remarkable photo and the story behind it gave me a better appreciation of it.  I purchased the book of the exhibition as there were many great original pieces there and it was special to see them in person.
December 29, 2012  Frankfurt airport. The 747 that will fly us to India.

December 30  Bengaluru International Airport.   This wall carving of an Indian goddess had it's hand extended with an offering.  iPhone photo with Snapseed.
Sunset after our first day in India.
December 31  The sunrise with the palm tree Silhouette makes the project complete.  Below are some other photo's taken on my morning walk.

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