Monday, December 3, 2012

The beauty of Chaos.

In Jurassic Park the idea of chaos theory was floated which stated "Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general".  It seems that the chaos theory is a large part of the sciences, mathematics and nature.

In photography we are taught to avoid chaos in our images.  We are told we need a central focus point, something to draw the viewers eye and to retain there gaze on the photograph.  Thus random shapes and elements are not encouraged and in fact discouraged in photography.  However today I found that mother nature's chaotic structure can create an unexpected beauty.

After the heavy snow and the ice fog of the last two days the sun finally emerged to bring light to the environment around me.  We have this large barrel that we have flowers in to decorate the yard and today the remains of those plants were encrusted with snow and ice.  Though there was not one center point the whole had a beauty about it and attracted me to it.  I framed it up leaving a bit of the barrel for a base but kept the the jumble of stems and snow as a focal point.  It was a temporary sculpture of nature and my Photo of the Day.

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