Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's about family.

One of the most difficult things I have to do is find balance.  It is a tight line between work, business, family and personal time and one that I know I am not the only to struggle with.  I find at this stage in my life that my  family and teaching at SAIT take priority and a lot of personal stuff gets sacrificed. I don't want this to sound like a complaint as i have had more life experiences earlier in life then many others will ever have.  Just at this time I have new a different priorities then I did years ago.

Now I try to be a good father and am there for my boys for most of their activities and when they need me.  Still I know there are others out there who I think do so much more for their children.  So I do the best I can and hope that they are getting what they need.  Now I am a very proud Papa as both my boys are happy and well adjusted.  Cool has always been sort of a level headed, happy go lucky kind of boy who works hard and does well in different activities and school.  Luke though a little more reserved seems to follow in his brothers tracks, especially in excelling at school.

From 11 months old he has been using the computer and his big brother has helped him the along the way.  I know there are people who would not agree with letting their children have so much screen time, but I can honestly say it has helped them both.  Luke especially as though he is only in Grade 1 he is reading and comprehending at a grade 4 level.  He also has a thing for numbers and this Friday he was assigned his login for a website that the school is using for all the students for Math.  Well Luke has taken to it and spent more then 5 hours on it today just chugging through the various levels and excelling on each of them.  We have only had to help him when some of the explanations were not as clear or different from what he knew.  Once it was explained he just continued to motor through.

I hope it does not sound like I am bragging, but it is days like today when you realize that the sacrifices and decisions you make are paying off.  I wanted to record and share this and thus my Photo of the Day is of Luke working on his math.

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