Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Watching Shadows.

Sometimes the simplest thing to do is just to sit back and watch how light and shadow play off each other.  Random objects can create the most dynamic patterns and often they happen by accident.  The top two photo's I happened to see when my wife put her glasses on the table after washing them.  There was a wonderful interplay off the lenses, the frames and some water droplets that were still on them.  Here is the original, unaltered image.
Using Snapseed I started by cropping the photo which helped to eliminate the doors in the background and bring more focus on to the glasses.  I did a little adjustment to the brightness and contrast and this time decided to use the Vintage filter style 1 to give it a tone I felt suited the image.  I then added the frame before saving the file and reopening it in iPhoto.  In this app I cleaned up some small spots that I felt might distract before again saving and then sharing as the Photo of the Day.
There was also a hairbrush close by which I slid in to the early morning light beam and cast this unique shadow.  I had to work fast as the sun was moving and I tried a few different positions to see the results.  The image below was the one I settled on and I used the Grunge filter in Snapseed to give me the effect I was looking for.

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