Friday, August 16, 2013

950 days of consecutive photo's.

I am still rolling along with the photo a day challenge.  Initially when I started I just wanted to see if I could do 365 days.  The next year it was to do 366 days (leap year) using the iPhone as the primary camera.  Only two days of that project were not shot with the iPhone.  This year I have been mixing it up and today's post is a nice example of showing that I choose the camera for the shot I intend.

August 15.  I was downtown and parked by the Carl Safran Center.  This is one of Calgary's older schools and the sandstone structure makes it a unique part of our history.  As such I decided to use the iPhone with the Hipstamatic app and the tintype film option.  I like the way it kept the sharpness on the Girls door and softened the rest of the building.
August 16.  This evening I went out to our shed and disturbed a wasps nest that was underneath it.  I quickly retreated in side and watched from the window as they buzzed around.  Thinking I might be able to make something of this I took got my Canon 7D and put the 70-200 f2.8 lens with a 2x teleconverter on it.  I then moved in as close as I dared and shot of about 15 frames.  I liked this one the best as the shallow depth of field made for an interesting effect and the foreground wasp is sharp.  Shooting at 1/250 sec at f5.6 and 1600 ISO allowed me to hand hold but still freeze the one wasp.
Using different tools to achieve an enjoyable end result.  That is one of the true secrets of photography.

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