Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bringing everything up to date.

I am so happy that I have finally caught up and brought my blog up to date with my shooting.  Did not realize how far behind I had become and I sure hope I don't do it again.  Anyone who blogs knows how difficult it can be to find something to write about and that goes for me as well.  I guess if all I am doing is sharing my photo's from the day that should be sufficient and when I have something to say I will write it at that time.  So here it goes, please enjoy the images.

August 1  Every summer I teach my basic lighting class for the Photography Certificate Fast Track program at SAIT.  This year I had a wonderful group of students and they brought by some terrific subjects to photograph.  Here are a few from the two days starting with our high key background.
August 2  I did not shot in the morning with the low key but did in the afternoon with the colour gels on the background.
August 3  I did a small group learning session with a couple of photographers.  We had a lovely subject to work with and I was able to do a series using a single strobe and strip box for the first photo.
For these five I used a large window on the subject and available tungsten light to add the warmth.
When I was leaving the location I decided to take a photo with my iPhone of the flowers in the front entrance and worked it up using Snapseed.
August 4  Time at home to rest after a busy three days.  Made a peanut butter and Hershey's Kisses sandwich and it looked so good I had to share.
A little later I was looking at the ring I had to take off my finger as it had become tight as it dangled on the chain beside my cross.  I liked the light so I grabbed the 7D and put an extension tube on the 24-70 for this macro shot.
August 5  Late in the evening, looking for a subject to photograph I found one of the Weebles that I had as a child.  Placed it on a mirror and added a piece of matt board behind it for the background.  Shot with the iPhone and eliminated the background line and then finished up the image in Snapseed.
August 6  Full day of lecture to wrap up my lighting class at SAIT.  Did not have much time to shot and when I came home I was tired.  Noticed this colourful pair of scissors on the counter and the subtle shadows being cast through a fruit bowl.  Took a quick pic with the iPhone and again used Snapseed for the post work.
August 7  I went for my evening walk in Confederation park and took my Canon 7D and extension tubes with me.  As I walked by a row of flowers I slowed down and started to look for details when I noticed this bee nestling itself in a flower against the wind.  Setting my ISO at 3200 I shot at 1/160 and f14 to fight camera shake and the shallow depth of field brought on by the 20mm tube.  I was very pleased with the result.
August 8  Walking through SAIT after dropping off the student's grades I took a few iPhone shots inside and out of one of the new buildings.  I find that I am always trying to be aware of photographic opportunities.
It was raining on my way to my parents to pick up my boys.  When I got out of the car I was drawn to the white Daisies and the water drops on them.  I shot this with the iPhone and knew I wanted to converted to Black and White right away.  Snapseed did a tremendous job with the result.

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