Saturday, August 17, 2013

Small items make for interesting subjects.

The great Edward Weston was well known in his imagery for his photographs of shells, vegetables, landscapes and nudes.  Many photographers are inspired by him and use him as a reference for motivation.  Tonight while I was preparing spaghetti for super I noticed that one of the garlic cloves had an interesting look to it and would make an good for tonight's subject.  Taking the clove down to my studio I set up one light with a softbox I positioned it around until I achieved a lighting pattern I liked. I took a couple frames from a few different angles and then proceeded to my office.

After downloading the images onto my computer I looked at the colour image and enjoyed the subtle pinks and browns of the clove.  While looking at the screen I thought about Weston and that most of his photo's were in Black and White.  Using the conversion function in photoshop I played with the different sliders until I was able to find a nice degree of tonal range.

I share both of these images for your consideration.  I enjoyed making both and it was fun to explore the possibilities of digital black and white.

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