Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A chance encounter ...

lead to a very interesting afternoon.  A few months ago I met Ian at the airport taking pictures of a Nav-Canada plane making multiple runs on the main runway.  We started talking and exchanged info and went our separate ways.  A little while later he contacted me with a proposal to do a small instructional workshop for the employees of charitable organization who might like to learn how to improve their photography.

Today was the day when that conversation came to be and I sat down with 15 eager people to share information and give some basic photography instruction.  To be honest I was a little nervous going in to the session as I had only a little idea of what they wanted to learn and so it was going to be a more interactive group rather then a structured lecture.  Yet things quickly fell in to place as each introduced themselves, there experience and what they were looking to get out of the talk.  I had prepared a basic power point presentation on light to get the ball rolling and was able to answer all the questions that they were looking for through a variety of different points and stories.  In all it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed being with those who wanted to improve their photographic skills.  I look forward to doing more sessions like this.

Today's photo of the day was a the Brentwood C-train station.  I have not taken transit in a long while but as I had a small kit to carry and did not want the hassle of finding parking and driving at rush hour home I thought it was in my best interest.  While waiting I looked up and saw the sky and clouds through the curved glass skylights.  The metal cross beams also gave me a nice graphic element.  I took a shot with the iPhone and then processed it with Snapseed to get this end result.

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