Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Things big and small.

Today's post shares a little bit of the juxtaposition of subjects that I have photographed.  Even though they fall at opposite ends of the spectrum, I try to do the same for both.  That is looking for interesting compositions and elements to make the images compelling.  So whether big or small, DSLR or iPhone I approach my photo of the day with the same thought pattern.

August 12.  SAIT residence building.  Looking at this structure I wanted to find the angle that would give the most pleasing lines.  A slight angle with the iPhone and a positioned that allowed me to capture the reflection in the glass were the elements I was trying to pull together.  I used Snapseed in the iPhone and the drama filter  to intensify the image.
August 13.  I picked up a small Venus Flytrap plant from Safeway with the intention of making it today's subject.  Using the Canon 7D I wanted to do some more testing with the extension tube set I have.  There are three in the set (36mm, 20mm & 12mm)  and this time I wanted to try them on the 70 -200 f2.8.  Knowing that this would be more difficult to hand hold I used my tripod and an Alien Bee with small Chimera soft box as a light source.  I set the ISO at 400, shutterspeed of 1/80 and f11.  The first shot here of four of the heads was at 165mm.
I focused in a bit tighter as well with the lens at 195mm to get the next photo.  Even at f11 the depth of field is shallow but I am happy with the results.
When I was at Safeway I did a quick iPhone capture of a bouquet of roses.  I first adjusted the colour in Noir on the iPhone and then used a filter in retroluxe on snapseed to give me a final image that I was pleased with
August 14.  Out for a walk with the family this evening and Luke had taken his iPad as he likes to take photo's of nature as we walk.  We spotted these flowers by the path and I gave him a quick lesson on moving in closer to the subject.  This was my result with the iPhone.  A little post in Snapseed using the center focus filter to darken the background keeps the attention on the flowers.

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