Monday, August 26, 2013

What to do with my photographs?

This is a question I am sure many photographer's wrestle with.  If we are shooting portraits/wedding/commercial work we have a client who has commissioned us to create an image for them, thus we know what we can do with that photograph.  Yet what if we are photographing for ourselves, creating images that we like, that encompass us.  What should we do with these photos?

As I have been shooting for 2 1/2 years at least one photo a day I feel that I have amassed a number of fairly strong photographs. I have shared them to many different photo sharing sites and have had a reasonable response.  Now as I sit back and go over this body of work I want to do something with them, to share them in some other format.

Obviously the idea is to make some money and get my work off of the computer and shared in some other medium.  I am thinking of a series of e-books with printed versions through a company like Blurb.  Another option are print series or a gallery showing.  Each has their own merit and I know the biggest challenge will be how to market them.

I try to support photographers whose work I enjoy and have bought many books and prints.  What I want to ask to those of you who do read my blog, would you be interested in a collection of my work?  If you feel like sharing your thoughts, please e-mail me back at . I'm not looking for a commitment, just your thoughts.

Today's photo was taken early this morning and there were a number of bees on the flowers.  I guess the cool morning air made them more docile and allowed me to get in tight with my iPhone.  I took a number of photo's but liked this one with the two bee's on the same bloom.

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