Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another month ends.

August wraps up and soon we will be into fall.  September is another chance for new beginnings as the students start a new school year and work gets back to normal after a summers rest.  For me it will be about building something with in this photographic community that I love.  The months ahead should be exciting as we wrap up 2013 and I fully plan to keep shooting a photo a day for as long as I can.  I look forward to sharing some of the things I am doing over the next four months.  For now please enjoy these photo's from the last four days.

August 28.  Out once again for an evening walk.  These trips usually last a couple of hours as I wander the paths in the neighbourhood, during which time I look for objects to photograph. I was attracted to the vibrancy of the blue in this bike.
Words can be powerful parts of a photograph and it is important how you include them when they appear.  In this case the engraving on the storm sewer becomes the subject, a call for environmental awareness.
Some lawn decorations can be interesting as well.  Here a rusted old set of metal wheels made for an interesting subject.
August 29.  Though hard to see I liked the way this little yellow bug blended in with the yellow flower.
August 30.  Nearing the end of a long day I took one of the toy's we picked up in Disneyland and wanted to try some long exposures with it.  The first was the initial test shot at 100 ISO, bulb setting for 3 seconds at f8.
I then adjusted to f11 and 4 seconds and rotated the camera on the tripod to get this effect.
August 31.  A trip to the pet store at Crowfoot crossing gave me these two images.  The Easter Island Head caught my eye on this one here.
The Luke asked me to photograph one of the cats.  He is really fond of them.
While waiting for Cool's guitar lesson to end I photographed this Aria Bass guitar hanging on the wall.

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