Monday, January 30, 2012

Braving the stares.

Although I seem to have shot most of my photo's for this project in or around my house, I have also shot a number of them in malls or stores. One of the things you have to get use to is people staring at you when you pull out the iPhone to take a photo of something very ordinary. Today was one of those days as I was at the cashier in Futureshop purchasing some batteries. I happened to notice this display of Mario figures beside the till and knowing my boys are big fans of Super Mario they would enjoy the photo I was about to take. All though she was very friendly, I am sure she was wondering what I was doing when I told her I wanted to take a quick snap of the figures. Undaunted I lined up my shot then asked if I could move some distracting flyers that were beside them and proceeded to snap a frame. I then smiled at her said thanks and went on my way. Once I got to the food court I sat down for lunch and then brought the photo in to Snapseed for some cropping and centre focus before using RealCamera+ for the frame and posting it to Instagram. When I showed the boys that loved the shot.

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