Friday, January 20, 2012

A quick trip to Bragg Creek

Cool is spending the weekend out at his Cantare Choir Winter Retreat out at Kamp Kawanis. This is just a short drive from Bragg Creek so after helping to shuttle luggage to the camp I headed down the highway to the town. We are still in a bitter cold snap so the temperatures were around -23C but I wanted to go and photograph the old gas pump once again. I have been shooting shot's of this pump for over 30 years now so it was a bit of a disappointment to see that the Shell logo that adorned the top of it is now missing. Still it looked nice with a small cap of snow and the light was just right so I shot a few images with the iPhone. Once I was back in the car I processed the file in Snapseed and added the frame with RealCamera+.

While driving to the location though I encountered a small herd of deer who were wandering down the road. I was able to stop and since the road was deserted able to shot a few images from my car window as they walked by. I love the majestic look on this young buck and that his antlers are just starting to grow. I can just imagine the large rack he will have by the summer time. This to was shot on the iPhone, cropped and processed with Snapseed.