Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working some abstracts today.

Out this afternoon and early evening with Cool and Luke as Tuesday is a busy night for activities. While sitting in Cool's Jazz Dance class (see third photo below) I noticed a nice and unique light on the folds on the leg of my pants. Knowing this could make an excellent abstract image I pointed the camera on to my knee and shot a frame. I did very little post processing other then cropping, contrast and centre focus in Snapseed and frame in RealCamera+.

These two images were taken in the gym where Cool has his choir practice. While walking around as a parent helper I noticed the hardware in the floor for attaching gymnastic equipment and the ropes on the wall. When I got the chance I shot a couple quick frames. Later I brought both in to Snapseed. The above image was my Instagram 366 image for today and was cropped, darkened and the Drama 2 filter added as well as the border. The image of the ropes was rotated, cropped and grunge added before using PhotoToaster for the framing.

The last two images are of my boy's. Not really abstracts but fun captures I wanted to share. The first is Cool dancing with his ever present smile. He is still learning having only started dancing a year ago but he enjoys it very much. The last was the two of them at the end of a long day. Luke fell asleep quickly on Cool's shoulder and it was so cute I just had to snap a frame. Both were cropped and the frame added with Snapseed. The last one had a little centre focus added to blur the edges.

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