Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hitting the slopes.

Today Cool's school headed out to Canada Olympic Park for ski lessons. This was interesting for me as 40 years ago I learned to ski here as well when it was known as Paskapoo. The old tow rope is still there but now they have these fancy conveyor belt things that the skiers stand on that takes them up.

So I arrived out at the hill near the end of their lessons with the Canon 7D looking to take some photographs of my boy. I shoot a number with the 7D but since I wanted to do my Instagram 366 image at the hill I brought out the iPhone. Now the original file was dark as the camera wanted to compensate for the snow, but Snapseed worked well to bring back the brightness. I then added the drama back with the Drama 2 filter and finished it up in PhotoToaster.

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