Sunday, January 8, 2012

Instagram 366 Challenge

I thought I would be over the Photo a day Challenge but I started the Instagram 366 with a few of my friends over there. In addition I have been posting the image to the Start To Photograph meet up group here in Calgary as well. So I guess you can say I am a Photography Addict. So this year all my daily images will be shot with the iPhone and posted first to Instagram, then the meet up group and my blog. This is where I will share some of the details on the image plus random thoughts for the day.

About today's 366. This is a candy bowl we have that sits on the fridge so I see it every time I open the door of the fridge. As I was looking at it today I was noticing the swirls and decided it could make for a unique image. So I took it down and placed it on the kitchen island under one of the sot lights. As I explored the shape looking at the screen of the iPhone I found the background distracting. So I went down to the studio and brought up a small blue background and stands. I placed this in the kitchen and repositioned the bowl on it. Then I shot three images, the first had the candy in the bowl, the second was empty and the third I put a small blue towel in the bowl. One I looked at the images I settled on the first one that I shot and then brought it in to Snapseed. Here I cropped it, then tested some of the filters that I like. However I was not happy with the results they were giving me as I was losing the coloring from the tungsten light source and the blue background. So this shot is fairly straight with only a little darkening and a slight tweaking of the saturation. The frame was then added with PhotoToaster.

Today's random thought. Even in the confines of your home you can find the subjects for you to photograph. After all they are your own treasures and obviously had something that attracted you in the first place.

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