Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day of shooting at SAIT.

Today was a shooting day for my Wedding Photography class at SAIT. I took my students over to the Parkade where our lovely group of subjects would do the first round of posing. It was a little chilly but they braved to cold and the student's where able to get a lot of different shots.

Today I broke out the Canon 7D with the 24-70 f2.8 lens for most of the shots I took. However I still pulled to the iPhone for a few and took a second image to do some post in Snapseed so I could use the photo for my Instagram 366 image. I'm quite happy with both but here are both shots for you to judge for yourself. The above was shot at 6400 ISO, f9 at 1/80 sec.

We then moved over to Heritage Hall which was much warmer and comforatble to shoot in. Here are a few of the images I recorded. The students really enjoyed the chance to work with our models and were able to create a variety of differnet looks as there are a lot of spots inside the building.

At the end of the shoot we went back to the classroom and one of my students who were helping the girls get changed cam running back to the room and asked me to get one more shot. I clicked a few on her camera then pulled out the iPhone and shot one for myself. The bottom image is processed using Pictureshow.

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