Sunday, January 22, 2012

A busy but enjoyable Sunday.

Had a rather full day as we all went out to Kamp Kiwanis to pick Cool up after his winter choir retreat. Lysa and Luke were so excited to get him back and when they saw him in the window (see 3rd image) were waving like anything. I am always a little more calm and know that this is good for Cool having been to Camp myself, so I was a little more laid back. While we were waiting for them to wrap up I took a quick wander and shot a few images with the iPhone. The above one of the bell was my Instagram366 image for today, but I liked the image below as well. Both were processed using Snapseed but given different treatments. I wanted to give a more cool tone to the top image due to the angle I choose and used the grunge tool to achieve this. Frame here was done in RealCamera+.
Then having dropped to a lower view to get the sky and clouds in I wanted to spice the 2nd image up a bit using the Drama 1 filter. Searching the different apps I have for the frame that matched the feel I wanted took a little more time but I found this one in PhotoToasterJr.

The last image was taken inside the lodge as we met Cool and I liked the way all the snowshoes were mounted to decorate the wall. After shooting this photo I processed in Snapseed to do some white balance correction and then changed the depth with the tilt and shift function. I found this frame in Pictureshow and choose it as I felt the tomes of the photo and the Matt complimented each other.

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