Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Start of a new teaching year.

The above Image was captured at SAIT. There use to be a bank of phones here when I was a student in the 80's. At least ten of them, but now this is the lone survivor. As my son Cool calls things like this, ancient technology. Thought I better capture an image of an endangered species. Shot with the iPhone then processed with Snapseed with the Drama 2 filter and then posted as part of the #instagram366 challenge.

Tonight was the start of a fresh batch of classes at SAIT. First up, Basic Studio Lighting. Good group of students and I think we will have a fun session. It is nice to be back teaching as having the last three weeks off was starting to get to me. I find that having a chance to talk to and meet people in the classes is something I really need. Over the years I have had many wonderful students and I have always enjoyed sharing with them. So here's looking forward to the next six weeks and the Wedding Photography class that will start on Saturday.

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