Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another new Photo Sharing site

There are so many new apps being developed today that it is sometimes hard to keep up and know what is out there. Today through one of my friends on Instagram I was made aware of another photo sharing site similar to Instagram and tadaa, this one called Streamzoo.  So I have added to my list of ways to create and share photo's and will be evaluating it and will report back here.

Instagram continues to be my favourite way to share images I have created.  I am use to the square format having worked for a long time with a Hasselblad when I shot film.  This is my entry for the 366 day challenge and once again processed using Snapseed.  The second shot was an abstract I shot through the wind shield of my car as the rain came down.  I liked the way the neon lights of some of the stores at Dalhousie Station looked so took a photo.  Other then the cropping no additional post processing was done.

The following two images were my first images posted to Streamzoo.  It seems to be a fairly nice addition to or alternative to Instagram.  It has a simple interface and a fair number of filters and frames.  I will still use Snapseed for the majority of my post processing but I have added another app that can add some new looks as well.  It is called Wood Camera and the image of the shell below is another version of the shot posted yesterday only post processed with  Wood Camera.

 The two photo's below are using some of the filters and frames available in Streamzoo.

 Finally these two images are my "tadaa Today" photo's. I am still not sold 100% on tadaa as still needs to develop the community and add a way to share some profile info.  You also need to develop a few friends so that you can share each others images in order to gain new followers.  Still I am having fun with it.

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