Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some observations on Pinterest and tadaa.

Today I walked around Southcentre Mall here in Calgary as I had some time while Cool was at choir. I had a chance to think about a few of the ways I have been sharing my photographs and some of the new sites that I have been trying the last little while.

First is Pinterest. I have chosen this new favorite content sharing board to showcase my work. It is fairly easy to use and does offer the chance to file stories, articles or photo's that are of interest to you for quick finding later. Once you create your board anyone can access it and repin what you post to your board. It is always a bit of a thrill when you receive the notification that some has liked what you have created and pined it to one of their boards. I take it as a big compliment that has the ability to reach greater audience. However one of my frustration's with Pinit is that it does not keep track for you who and where your pins are reposted. If you keep the notifications that are e-mailed you can do it yourself, but adding this feature would be great.

Now for tadaa. It is an nice addition/alternative to Instagram. The above image was my "tadaa Today" post shot with the iPhone and processed with Snapseed. After using the native filters and processing options I have chosen to come back to using Snapseed as I feel I can do more with it to get the look I want. So far I have liked tadaa except for two issues. The first is a minor issue that deals with your profile page. One is that there is no option to add personal info about yourself or view others. For me this would really help to decide whom I would like to follow. The other is that there is some sort of tadaa dollars type number on your profile, but look as I may I can not find anything to tell me the purpose of this or if it will have some value going forward. These aside the biggest thing that frustrates me with tadaa is the push notice function. It does it every time that anyone you follow post a new image. At this time I only have about 12, but I can just imagine how crazy my iPhone would be buzzing if I had a couple hundred. It is one feature I would like the option to disable as it will keep me from adding photographers that I want to follow until it is corrected.
As for Instagram I still find it to be my favorite for sharing and here are a couple images from today. The above is my Instagram 366 shot and was done at the mall. Processing with Snapseed was minimal this time for the photograph. The image below was posted using Instagram's native filter "lo-fi" to give the result I wanted on these seat cushions.

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  1. Hey Patrick, it is always great to see your posts and I enjoy that you are always the first to try out all the new technologies and let us know about it. Your social media impact is quick impressive with all the different ways we can increase our marketing in photography
    with twitter, linkedIn, Pinterest ect.