Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sharing with the world.

Through my blog and a variety of other social media I have basically put my work out for the world to see.  I post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tadaa, Streamzoo; PhotoRepublik, fotoflock, 500px, tumblr, flickr, google+, [b]school, and now Pinterest.  In doing so I never know how any of my photo's will be received by those who see them.  Sometimes images I feel strongly about don't take much notice and then other times a photo will resonate and get lot's of comments.  This is all the more remarkable when I have created an image near the end of the day when I am tired and just trying to find something to keep my shooting streak going.

So it was very surprising that my images of the candles from yesterday became the most repined image of my on Pinterest. Some 23 people repined this photo to their boards and 5 left likes.  It was neat to see how this image resonated with such a variety of people.  Now if you are unfamiliar with Pinterest it is like a bulletin board where you can save web-sites that have stories, articles or photo's that you may want to find later.  These can be things that inspire you or something you may want to try.  I have chosen to use it to show my photo's and have the traffic rerouted back to my blog here.  Thus it is always a nice feeling to know that people have enjoyed my work and want to save or share it.

 While I was out this morning helping Cool's choir with the bottle drive I came across these wonderful manhole covers in the South East section of Calgary. I have always thought there is artistic ruggedness to these covers and have photographed them where ever I have found them in the world.  So I snapped a frame with the iPhone and did a little post processing in Snapseed to get the look I wanted.
Since it was a long day as after the bottle drive I had to teach my Wedding photography class at SAIT and then take care of the boys before putting them to bed.  Although I was tired I still wanted to do an image for my "tadaa Today" project.  Trying to be creative I took the watering can that my wife had left down stairs and held it in front of a photo of sunflowers and took this photo.  I again used Snapseed to finish up this shot which for me was a little on the experimental side.  Again it is funny as already got a couple of likes and a comment on the tadaa feed.

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