Monday, April 23, 2012

The flowers are a bloomin.

Calgary set a record high today at 26C and it is amazing what the heat can do. Yesterday we had no blooms in our front garden and today we had to different flowers expose their glory. When I saw this I knew I had a couple of images for my photo's of the day. The above was of one of the Lillie's that came out and was a bit of the challenge as it was hanging upside down and was only about 6 inches off the ground. This is one of the advantages of the iPhone as you can get it in to tight spaces and so I was able to slight it on to the ground and shot up at the flower. This position allowed the sun to shine through the petals and give a great feel. Now I did have to crop a fair amount and this did bring out the noise but upon inspecting the image I found I liked the feel it gave to it. This was my Instagram 366 photo for today.

I then turned my attention to these little purple flowers and framed it up to get both blooms that were showing. Purple has always been one of the more difficult colors to render and I felt that it need to be worked on in Snapseed in order to do it justice. In this case I wanted the rich saturation that came out. This was my "tadaa Today" photo.

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