Friday, April 20, 2012

Nice to have my work appreciated.

My blog since the begining of the year has been mostly dedicated to work I have created using the iPhone. Allthough I know I have some followers it is nic when somone from a different field recognizes and appreciates your work. This morning I had a conversation with a representative from the Calgary Public Library to see if I would be interested in lecturing at various libraries this fall. The topic will be "How to get the best out of your Camera Phone". I will be showing people the inner workings of Instagram, tadaa, Hipstamatic, RetroCamera and others as well as post processing apps like Snapseed. I think this will be lot of fun and another chance to share. Before our meeting had ended she told me that she was talking to one of the managers at the Art Gallery of Calgary and that they to were interested in talking to me. So I contacted them and now have a meeting scheduled for mid-May to discuss the possibilites of doing something with them as well.

Later in the day I received an e-mail informing me that my galley was approved and ready to go on-line. You can view it at and if you like any of my images you can order a canvas print through them. This is a very neat service as it gives one an opportunity to sell there photo's that they have already shared through Instagram. This is very cool.

So today's images I have the ragged old basketball hoop at my son's school that I thought looked interesting with the clouds behind it. Processed in Snapseed and shared as my Instagram 366. This evening my boy's were taking a bath and Cool has become a master of bubbles and was showing his technique once again. So I shot a few frames, processed the one below with Snapseed and then posted as my "tadaa today" photograph.

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