Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some items from my collections.

In this age of digital it is nice to look at some of the traditional items that enhance our lives. For me these consist if old cameras and beautiful photo books. Above is a small sample of my collection of photography books by some of my favorite photographers. Even though I have embraced some publications in the digital format to read on my iPad I still think having a large photo book is the best way to view the work of great photographers. This photo is my Instagram 366 image for today.

I also love to display the many cameras I have owned and used over the years. There is something beautiful in the craftsmanship and design of these old cameras that does not exist in the design of digital cameras today. Below is my Zone VI 4x5 camera which is well crafted and looks exquisite. I love to look at it and I think I will be bringing it out this summer to shoot some B&W film. This is my "tadaa Today" photo.

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